Welcome to The Real World, Kid.

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It felt like my graduation cap had just barely hit the ground when I was whisked away to a concrete jungle for another 4 years of new experiences.

Alt Text Alt Text

Yes, that IS an ethernet cable honor chord.

I am so lucky to be able to say that I graduated with honors, and was accepted into Illinois Institute of Technology and their computer science program. I’m pretty ready to destroy these freshman computer science classes.

On the first week of classes, I decided to adventure outside my dorm and meet up with one of my brand new friends at the architecture studio where he was doing work for his major. I walked in to see him facing a blank page. He hadn’t even started his assignment due the following afternoon.

“You’re not even going to be able to sleep tonight!” I scolded him. “What are you going to do for the next 5 years?”

He shrugged. He said he was used to it and had little concern for his sanity. Being sleep deprived is “…part of the Archie way,” he said to me. I informed him I would be at his throat all year till he got his act together.

He thought for a moment to see if he was okay with this stranger girl barking at him in his own classroom. He tilted his head, and asked:

“Are you someone who changes people?”

“Yes. I think I am.”

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